Sunday, April 11, 2010

Housekeeping Book Pt 6- Rituals

I have a binder of print outs from Brocante Home. I printed them up about 5 years ago when she was doing a Vintage housekeeping group. She talks a lot about rituals and I was thinking I would like to have a page in my Housekeeping book of suggestions for rituals.

The first one I though of is afternoon tea. Now I have a cup of tea most afternoons, but what makes it a ritual? I think the tea tray and fancy china is what makes afternoon tea into a ritual as opposed to just having a cup of tea in a mug. So that gave me a clue as to what a ritual is.

It's taking something ordinary and making it something special. Many people retualize their Journaling time or Quiet Time by having a special spot and time, special pens and notebook, their favorite cup and so on. So my next page is going to be ideas for how I can do this and I'm excited to see what I can do.

I started with the afternoon tea. Last year when I was doing my Tasha Tudor posts I started using my tea pot and good china cups, but I get in a rush and don't remember. I decided to help me remember I would put out my tea pot with tea leaves in the bottom ready for hot water on a tray with my china cup, a napkin, sweetener, and a dish for a treat. Then at about 3:30 I will boil the water, put the creamer that is in the frig on the tray and find a treat for my plate. I'm going to make Tuesday my Baking Day and so I will make treats for my afternoon tea on that day. Friday I made shortbread with the almond flour. My dd and gd were coming over and we had afternoon tea together.

Another similar one I thought of is After Dinner Coffee and Dessert. Same idea I put it all on a tray and serve it in the living room. You could add an after dinner cordial. We use to do this when we had company, but why wait for company.

So I'm still looking for rituals that are housekeeping in nature. I think the puttering sort of falls into this catagory. Any ideas?

I'll post my ideas as I come up with them. Look for them here or on my main blog Foxtales


  1. I love this Linda!!! I think we should use our teapot and best china for afternoon tea. Love your ideas for remembering. You are an inspiration! How did you like the almond flour shortbread? It is one of my favorites! I like to add chopped pecans to mine. Love, Paula

  2. Paula, Yes we liked them. They were so easy to make also. I love using my china. Linda