Friday, April 9, 2010

Housekeeping Book Pt 5 Mission Statement

I've been working on this. I'm not very good at mission statements, but I read at
Inspired to Action about doing one Passionate Homemaking had her as a guest poster. So I've been praying about it and I realized you have to know what you want your home to be, a haven and a place of enrichment and restoration are some of the things I came up with. I realized as I was thinking about this that hospitality is important but I also need to fill my own tank and so my schedule and my home need to reflect that. So my mission statement is-

to make my home a haven, a place of enrichment and restoration, a place that says I love you and care about you, and a place to fill my own tank and to maintain this atmosphere-

this will be the first page of my housekeeping book. One of the purposes of the mission statement is to set goals so that is next.

Just wanted to add this is primarily a housekeeping mission, not a mission for my whole life. You can have more than one mission statement for different parts of your life.

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