Saturday, April 24, 2010

Housekeeping Book Pt 13-Printables

Organize Your Way has a couple of printables up that I'm going to add to my book and if you follow the link there are more. I've printed up several to try. I think they just make a list look neater, but of course you don't need them or you could make your own.

I'm trying the daily and weekly action plan sheets and also the address sheet for my service provider numbers. I also printed up the master to do list, a weekly menu plan that is by the meal rather than the day, and the daily to do list.

I also printed up the medical info sheet, but I'm not putting it in my housekeeping book. I want to keep this book just about housekeeping as much as possible and I want to do a health info book. I'm the queen of the binders, a binder for every interest. lol


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