Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Housekeeping Book Pt 13 Dividers

I added dividers to my book so I can find things easier. Here are the sections and what they are for. There are 14.
  1. My mission statement and goals
  2. Schedules and routines
  3. Cleaning recipes and tips
  4. Deep cleaning zones and list of chores
  5. Decluttering tips
  6. To Do Lists
  7. Phone numbers
  8. Rituals
  9. Puttering ideas
  10. Wish List
  11. Journaling
  12. Articles
  13. Printable forms
  14. Decorating ideas

I think I'm going to work with these and see how it goes. Kitchen and food things have there own book. This book really is focused on housekeeping.


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