Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Housekeeping Book Pt 2 Schedule

Well I looked at my old schedule and what I'm actually doing now and thought about a new schedule. I felt that the old schedule was more than I could do right now, but I decided to keep it as something to aspire to, it's a good schedule and something to work towards.

So I'm putting a copy of it on the front page of my housekeeping book and another copy on my frig. I've checked off the things I'm doing now and determined that I want to work on adding the drinking water to what I'm doing, so that is what I'll be working on. I do better with goals. My weekly schedule is pretty much the same as what I do, it's more that daily schedule that was different.

Some of the things that I think are good in this schedule are
  • I try to do all the work in the morning
  • I plan the times I'm going to eat
  • I have health habits integrated in (drinking water, and exercise)
  • It includes planning ahead
  • It includes afternoon tea
  • It has me time
  • It's flexible and not overly ambitious really

Schedule here

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