Monday, April 5, 2010

Housekeeping Book Pt 3 Zones

Now that I'm looking at my schedule as something I'm aiming at I decided to add Zones. This is a term FlyLady uses for doing deep cleaning. You divide your home into zones and work on one zone each month. I never seem to get to this and have always done the deep cleaning when I rearrange a room, but I would like to be more organized about it and so I'm adding a page to my housekeeping book right behind my schedule with my zones. I'm doing 6 zones so that I can do them two times a year. The sixth zone is garage and porches and I'm only doing it once a year because I want to leave Dec. free of zone work. So here are my zones-

  • Jan. & July- Office, Powder Room, Laundry
  • Feb. & Aug.- Master Bedroom and Bath, Guest Bedroom and Bath
  • Mar. & Sept.- Living Room, Dining Room, Hall
  • Apr. & Oct.- Craft Room, Children's Library
  • May & Nov.- Kitchen
  • June- Garage, Porches

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