Saturday, July 25, 2009

Current Schedule

  • get up, dress
  • make bed
  • walk
  • have 2 glasses of water before breakfast
  • breakfast by 9
  • prep dinner
  • clean up kitchen
  • weeklies
  • to do list
  • devotional time 11
  • lunch by 1
  • afternoon blog, sew, read, special projects
  • tea 3-4
  • prep dinner
  • dinner by 6


  • clean up kitchen
  • think about tomorrows dinner, take something out of freezer
  • make to do list for tomorrow 5 things
  • get ready for bed, quiet time
  • bed by 11


  • Mon. Laundry, baths, water plants
  • Tues. Kit. (frig), garbage & recycles out, groc. list
  • Wens. Pray with Laurie, errands
  • Thurs. Floors sweep and wash, desk work (bills, filing, shredding, calls)
  • Fri. Vac & Dust
  • Sat. special cooking, special projects, catching up
  • Sun. church

This is working pretty well for me. When I get busy with extra activities it falls apart a bit, but it is easy to get back on track.

Deep cleaning- I'm going to start in the fall doing one room at a time, decluttering as I go and just keep going until I'm done. I'll break during the holidays and than start again in Jan. I would wait and start it in Jan. but I'm wanting to get started. I'm wondering how many months it will take me to finishe. Where is this going to fit into my schedule? Afternoons or Sat. I'm going to use the 15 min. schedule to start and hopefully will be able to work longer after I get use to it.

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