Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Arrangement in Living Room and Dining Room


  1. Dear Linda,

    Oh, your home is so GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you so much for sharing the photos, lots of inspiration to be had!!! I love how you arranged everything, and the colors you use are fabulous! I love the rich colors with the creams, a perfect combination. So pretty!!!

    Love, Paula

  2. Linda, so pretty, you do a lovely job of decorating.
    What first book of TT would you recommend reading? Tasha used to be a featured writer in the wonderful Victoria magazine and that is my only touch with her other than your blog.
    Thanks for your help.

    Joann "another NW grandmama"

  3. Joann, The Private World of Tasha Tudor by Tasha Tudor and Richard Brown tells about her lifestyle as well as other books written by Richard Brown. There is a garden one and a craft one that are both very good. Linda