Friday, September 25, 2009

Photos Library/Office


  1. I love your library table and Windsor chair! It must be nice to sit there and read. Looks like you're quite the Anglophile!


  2. Oh I LOVE it!!!A fellow anglophile and bibliophile!!!But then I already knew that... :-) Wonderful space...Sharon

  3. I love your bird prints,and the coziness of your library. I have some vintage postcards with birds on them,sitting on a shelf in my kitchen.I'd like to frame them someday and hang them on the wall.Thats a project for another day!

  4. Dear Miss Linda,

    I love your library!!!!! It is so beautiful and has a very British look to it! I love the arrangements on your bookcases. Mine are quite blah, so I have come away with a great deal of ideas from you. I also like that they are painted black. My husband built ours and painted them white, but they no longer work with the new furniture and paint in our library and we have been thinking of a color to paint them. Thank you for the inspiration! I love the table, chair and lamp in front of your bookcase. We have a table and chairs in front of ours, too, but I like the wood you have so much better than our white one. I love your pretty teapot and your office area is so cozy and very soft... the computer equipment does not stand out, instead you see the lovely bird prints, and all the other colors, textures and vignettes you have created to make a real comfortable and beautiful library! Just as one should be!

    Yesterday my husband painted a sample can of a beautiful, historical green paint on the hallway wall, and immediately I knew I wanted it to be full of bird and botanical prints. I will have to be on the lookout for some.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home!!!
    Love, Paula